Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete cracks can develop for any number of reasons, the only undeniable fact is that it does not look pretty. Cracks large or small are an eyesore and possible safety hazard. For larger gaping cracks, you might just consider mixing fresh concrete and patching what looks more like a hole. There's another option! Our Concrete Crack Repair is a specially formulated polyurethane that achieves high tensile strength and hardness, as well as excellent adhesion to concrete. You can even add pigment to match colored or stained concrete. Whatever your project may be, we ask you to consider our Concrete Crack Repair.

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Why Should I Repair Concrete Cracks?

Cracks manifest for several reasons. Concrete slabs can settle, soil erosion, unseen stresses from above or underneath the concrete, etc... Practically all concrete cracks can be patched. So why should you patch cracked concrete? Are you planning to seal your concrete with a decorative or protective coating? Of course you are, bare concrete is plain and boring and you want a decorative surface to bring back life to your space. Or maybe a good looking protective coating for your showroom, office or warehouse. Whatever the case, proper prep work is necessary. Failing to prep concrete is asking for an eyesore. Cracks and previous indentations and holes show through coatings very easily, especially when you consider the average coating is only a few mils thick. Spiderweb cracking is one example in which it will easily show through. To prevent this, you need to use a crack filler to patch your cracks. For larger holes and cracks you should add sand to your mixture for increased compressive strength. Filling cracks is just the first step, you should also grind your patched cracks flush so that when you coat the concrete you'll get a nice smooth surface. We have the crack repair you need, and some of the best polyaspartic, epoxy, and acrylic coatings you might need for your job.

Technical Specifications

  • Gel Time:
  • Quick Cure Time:
  • Real Cure Time:
  • Hardness (1hr):
  • Hardness (1wk):
  • Color:
  • 3.5 minutes*
  • 45-60 minutes*
  • 24-72hrs*
  • 60 (Shore D)*
  • 77 (Shore D)*
  • Creme / Tan

*: Some values dependent on temperature, humidity, and testing conditions. Actual results may vary. Values are reported to the best of our knowledge. Refer to product SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) for more information. Use at own risk. Mirabel Coatings Inc. makes no statements or warranties expressed or implied.